Introduction to the Sector

The private Spanish shipbuilding sector is almost exclusively devoted to exports. It has an excellent international reputation due to its construction quality and tradition, and guarantees high standards in highly technologically sophisticated ships such as those which provide support to offshore oil rigs, oceanographic research vessels, factory ships, etc.

The sector is primarily made up of medium-sized enterprises of recognised standing, many of them family companies which have established themselves generation after generation and directly and indirectly provide work for 87,000 families. Shipbuilding activity in Spain is concentrated in the industrial areas of Galicia, Asturias and the Basque Country, but it also has an impact on companies and families all over Spain. The shipbuilding sector has proven its ability to create short-term employment and it is the engine of ancillary industry.

Spanish shipyards set the global standard in shipbuilding and are at the forefront of technological progress.