What is Pymar?

PYMAR is a public limited company established in 1985 by small and medium-sized private Spanish shipyards to protect the interests of private shipbuilding in Spain and throughout Europe.

It carries out its work in close collaboration with the state government and the autonomous regions. PYMAR brings together 19 shipyards that compete with each other but also hold common strategic positions. It is a governing body of the sector which coordinates and promotes the decisions adopted by mutual agreement of its members for the benefit of one of the longest-standing industries in Spain.

With the aim of achieving an improvement in its shipyards’ competitiveness, it has access to key mechanisms which are extremely important to the shipping sector, including the Shipbuilding Guarantee Fund, which is aimed at facilitating the implementation of shipbuilding projects in Spain.

PYMAR’s activities include the provision of technical, legal and financial/tax consultancy services to help shipyards bring their construction projects to fruition.