Mission, Vision, Values


Representing and protecting the interests of the shipbuilding sector in order to contribute to an improvement in the competitiveness of private Spanish shipyards, according to the financing needs of their projects, and acting as a point of contact with the various national and European authorities. We aim to achieve the joint success of the shipbuilding sector based on mutual support and collaboration, increasing our collective strength.


Consolidating the shipbuilding sector in the global market, thereby helping to maintain a sustainable national business fabric which promotes employment, research and regional development. Consolidating shipbuilding as a strategic sector in Spain and generating employment and wellbeing.


  • We are committed to good service.
  • We endeavour to shape a better future.
  • We are driven by openness to change and adaptability.
  • We wish to lead through rigour and transparency.
  • Above all else, we act with integrity and professionalism.
  • We are committed to employment and corporate social responsibility.
  • We aim to achieve growth in a sector which creates wellbeing.