Assessment and Monitoring of New Shipbuilding Work

PYMAR offers a service which provides an initial assessment of new shipbuilding work, in addition to monitoring the progress of the work, verifying both the development of the shipbuilding project and the proper allocation of the financial resources covered by the contracts. From a technical and financial viewpoint, the provision of these services includes the following activities: 

a) Initial economic/financial and technical assessment of the shipbuilding work:

  • Suitability of the contract and specifications to the capacity of the shipyard and its experience with the type of ship in question.
  • Statement of definition of the shipbuilding work (costs, supply of equipment and materials, availability of human and technical resources, etc.)
  • Analysis of the work schedule and the ratios and parameters used.
  • Prior economic/financial and technical assessment of the shipbuilding work, as well as the cash flow plan up to completion of the project.


 b) Economic/financial and technical monitoring during construction of the ships:

  • Authorisation of payments relating to construction, verifying their suitability to the project.
  • Monitoring budget adherence, deviations, financial position and cash flow of the project.
  • Monitoring the work carried out (incorporation of the materials and equipment ordered).
  • Analysis of progress and forecast milestones and hours.
  • Drawing up regular reports detailing the technical and financial progress of the project, along with an assessment of forecasts, if necessary.